Stay beautifully naive, says exasperated PhD student

Doh Phd

This is one of those extremely honest and personal blog posts so be nice. And I’m writing it because I know SO MANY people who go through extremely similar stuff when studying but they are incredibly reluctant to discuss it publicly. Get a grip. Exhaustion and exasperation with . . . →

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Kick starting the PhD

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I can’t help thinking that I am somewhat institutionalised. Having done both my BA and my MSc in Birkbeck I have returned after a year off to do a PhD. Same . . . →

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Christmas gift from Birkbeck – I'm IN!

Term time at Birkbeck Uploaded by sofiagk on 19 Oct 09, 7.06PM GMT.

I am overjoyed to announce that Birkbeck has decided that (pending official seal from the Registry) I am fit to do a PhD.

The School of Business, Economics and Informatics is . . . →

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PhD Application submitted (phew)

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It is done.

Tuesday evening I went by Birkbeck, got the reference from my supervisor and then submitted the application.

Incidentally I hadn’t been to the registry side of Birkbeck for quite some time. After the refurbishment . . . →

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The ellusive PhD subject


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Honestly I am deeply humbled by my MSc supervisor’s decision to say that he is willing to put up with me for (minimum) 4 more years. (you feel the ‘but’ coming, right?)

I’m trying to tie down the PhD scope and subject. . . . →

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Working on a research proposal

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Quick Note.

Getting my major themes together (and I work so much better when I can do lists)

THEMES for the literature review

CITY – infrastructure – community (association and disassociation & network capacity) – identity

Digital City . . . →

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