UK Elections today

A bit of a surreal UK election from my point of view.

Facebook reminds me to vote…

Facebook cares (?)

and then THE SUN finds hope (but no shame)

The SUN finds HOPE (and surrealism)

Let’s see.

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PR fundamentally misunderstands WIRED

I just can’t stop smiling every time I read a story in PR Week or any PR publication about anything tech, digital or having to do with social media. I really think there is a fundamental misunderstanding in the UK market about what all of those things mean and how engagement has already changed.

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Social media can help 'old media' get better

With the monitoring and analysis of social media by the journalists and analysts of the ‘old media’ we are seeing a vast improvement in the coverage of international news – especially when it comes to understanding the cultural, economic and political background.

There is a very good reason why. ‘Old media’ either have a correspondent . . . →

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Exarcheia: Lament for a city

I lived the first years of my adult new found independence in the Athens area of Exarcheia and I have some of my best memories from that time and that area.

Contrary to some reports, Exarcheia is not “a district of central Athens long associated with lawlessness and drug abuse” (via). It is an area . . . →

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Media Interviews: "But I said more than that!"

One of my pet projects at work is giving some media training to stakeholders. I am presenting the course to people who are not professional communicators but they are really good at what they do. What they hate is the fact that when they get an interview they talk for about 10 minutes to 30 . . . →

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Old media content – New Media platform. An example.

Contemplating the Open Democracy concept – a merge of traditional media values and new media ones. This is a good example of how things could work and how things do not work when trying to apply old medium ways of thinking to a new medium. Substitute Open Democracy with numerous other websites and you get . . . →

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