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Hello there!

Thanks for being curious and gossipy – why else would you be here? – so here is the low-down what I do.

My full name is Sofia Gkiousou – which makes me the nightmare of the Head of School at any graduation ceremony. Just call me Sofia. I am a resident of central(ish) London, UK for the last 10 years, having previously lived all my life in Greece (where, most people are surprised to learn, it actually snows from time to time).

In the time I have been in London I managed to get a BA (Humanities & Media), an MSc (Innovation Management & Technology Policy) and work at the same time while going to the National Gallery on average twice a year and never ever going to the Tate Modern.

My research interests vary but include the following:

  • Network effects & externalities
  • Learning & creativity online
  • digital worlds
  • human/ cyber sexuality
  • the body in digital worlds
  • queer theory
  • digital/ imagined geographies


Because I am most definitely a split personality I maintain this blog as a kind of notebook of my academic pursuits or simply things that enrage me and can be explained in academic terms.  A bad habit acquired from years of reading sociology, politics and media theories I’m afraid.

This is NOT intended as an academic endeavour and even though I reference things I read I tend to write things that I would not necessarily put down in an academic paper.

Any questions or just to say hi! please drop me a line at sofiagk (at) gmail (dot) com


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