The broken house of Agamemnon – at the ROH’s Elektra

Christine Goerke as Elektra and Adrianne Pieczonka as Chrysothemis in Elektra © ROH / Clive Barda 2013

So here I am, gobsmacked (and that is indeed the technical term) by Elektra at the Royal Opera House.

There is a wealth of information out there on this one, and I am the least appropriate person to speak about opera, having been rather lukewarm about it in the past. Well, I am a new woman (and opera fan) tonight.

Definetely check out the following posts on the ROH website

I booked Elektra during the summer, on the day that the autumn season bookings opened for hoi polloi (that’s me guv) mainly on a whim. I am a ballet devotee myself. It proved to be a wise choice.

I’m not an absolute beginner in orchestral music (Philharmonia Orchestra FTW) but I am always humbled by the genius in ballet music. Well, turns out Strauss’ Elektra is beyond genius.

I cannot even begin to describe the performers – you have to see it to beleive it.

I will however mention that the uber cool Christine Goerke as Elektra. Check out her absolutely hilarious tweet below.

The woman is clearly a legend.

Anyway, apart from all else, I was truly moved by the set. It seemed to me to be a perfect representation of the broken house of Agamemnon. Orestis (sorry Strauss, I cannot possibly call him Orest) descents from a lighted window up above, where Chrysothemis begs Elektra to ascend in an effort to live a normal life (as if such a thing could be possible for them. The main part of the stage feels like Purgatory, with the little hole that Elektra has fashioned for herself being her own personal little Hell. And that floor! The beautiful mosaic, bloodied, destroyed, covered up as the blood overflows from the gaps and keeps coming back! Lovely! May be talking total bull but it all really, absolutely made sense.

Highlight of the evening: Amazingly patient gentleman and lady in the seats next to me. Must have blocked his view a zillion times as I was at the edge of my seat. Totally understood me and laughed when apologising later I said “I was so into it”. “I know”, he said, “us too”!

Seriously. Do yourself a favor and book!

Bonus points to the ROH for including negative tweets in their post about #ROHElektra tweets. They know their stuff those people.

Christine Goerke as Elektra and Adrianne Pieczonka as Chrysothemis in Elektra © ROH / Clive Barda 2013

John Daszak as Aegisth and Christine Goerke as Elektra in Elektra © ROH / Clive Barda 2013

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