Damn, what's the latest version of my dissertation again?

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It’s a bloody nightmare.

And it happens to me ALL THE TIME.

I’ll be working away on a presentation or essay or (horror) my dissertation. 3 months down the line (or even 3 weeks) I have no idea where the latest version is. Laptop? Desktop? One of the 3000 USB sticks I carry around? External hard drive?

The only sure way to know so far has been if I have submitted it to University. Since we submit by e-mail I can always be sure that whatever’s on gmail is the final version. Which is obviously only fine when we are talking about a completed piece of work.

Case in point. I know I have re-worked my Pina Bausch essay however the only version I can find is from 3 years ago – the one I submitted then. DAMN!

That’s why I am IN LOVE with dropbox and I am eternally indebted to my systems angel. It works just like a virtual hard drive. Just download it and it creates a folder under My Documents (or wherever you want). No need to copy, paste, sync, keep track. Download it in every computer you are using and the folder will always be the same, syncing on its own. Want to access remotely? No problemo! You have access to your files from the web as well.

Now, if only it could track down my updated Pina Bausch essay…

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