FSL: The literature review that never ends

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It’s all my own fault really. I wanted to research a cutting edge subject – and what shouts *new* more loudly than [tag]Second Life[/tag]?

The problem is that about a month and a half before my deadline I am still reading (while I should only be writing). This means I keep going back and revising things I’ve written. Why? Because every day there is a new article or a new book on Second Life.

Something that an old tutor once said to me sticks in my mind: Academics are constantly embarassed by their publications. By the time it goes to print they’ve already moved on and their work seems outdated.

I’m afraid that mine is going to be outdated before the examiner actually sits down to mark it.

On another note the people at the Fashion Consolidated Cafe welcomed me to their group yesterday. We had a lovely discussion on SL Fashion and they gave me extremely useful material. They were patient, kind and had incredible insight. If this wasn’t an academic blog… (oh what the hell) these guys ROCK!

If you stumbled upon this post and have ideas about Second Life and Fashion please IM me in SL (SofiaGk Weatherwax) or e-mail me in FL (sofiagk (at) gmail (dot) com)

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