Saying it all in one word: The Iliad and the Odyssey


I started reading for an edx course a few days ago, The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours (don’t let the title fool you) by Harvard (HarvardX actually).

I find myself revisiting a lot of the material I’ve already done while I was growing up in Greece – both . . . →

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We are all cyborgs – the concept that keeps on giving

Cyborg 2.0

Here is a nice TED video from Amber Case (on twitter too) talking about her passion with cyborg anthropology.

I guess it’s interesting for most audiences but I was hoping for a bit more. I’ll dig around for her work and articles, but in this video I heard . . . →

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Rude Britannia

The March of the Guards to Finchley by William Hogarth on Wikipedia

I’m watching a brilliant BBC Four series (I think BBC Four is the best of the bunch by the way) called Rude Britannia. You can also find . . . →

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The dominant paradigm (BDSM pun intended)


I’m reading this lovely book on sadomasochism and I just can’t get over the discussion on whether SM is pathological (Kleinplatz & Moser).

How did this idea permeate science?

To some, even the question must seem absurd. It is already a foregone conclusion. Sexual sadism and sexual masochism have . . . →

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The Machine and Me

I think this is an I – found – a – great – video day (courtesy of my Google Reader listings)

— via SixtySecondView

Nice and short

Was [tag]sex[/tag] ever really a form of [tag]revolution[/tag]?

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Stephen Hawking asks…

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Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist and Lucasian professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge. If that doesn’t ring a bell try remembering the guy who speaks via a computer, spends his life in a chair and has one of the most brilliant minds in history. If . . . →

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The V Word

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I saw this advertisement on the telly yesterday, for Vagisil. A woman talks just off the camera (presumably to someone there?) explaining that a “feminine itch” is the worst ever because you are constantly aware of it. The solution apparently is Vagisil crème. At the end there is also a . . . →

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Politically Correct Confusion

If I am a woman, is it possible for me to make sexist comments?

as New Woman Originally uploaded by uBookworm. Sexy Mannequins Originally uploaded by James @

— POST translated from my Greek Blog

. . . →

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Durkheim on religion

Reading into religion (from a sociological, psychological and political perspective) today i stumbled in Durkheim’s theory which is admirable and lovely and outdated. It is difficult trying to explain modern models of religious practice (see New Age etc.) by sticking with Durkheim who insists that what makes religion distinct, apart from myth, rites etc. – . . . →

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