The people. It's a Wordle thing

Wordle English Blog

I love this Wordle mashup of the blog.

It’s all about the people, people!

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Intro to Social Media

v2.0 of the Conversation Prism is Now Available: Originally uploaded by b_d_solis I created a short presentation on Social Media for some lovely people. It’s just an introduction but since the web helped me (both here and here ) I thought I should upload some highlights. I’m . . . →

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We moved

Yes we did – from the main domain to the /renditionblog directory.

I’ve updated feedburner so your feeds should work just fine.

If you see any issues please let me know.

Free Wi-Fi in Hotels

Marks Hotel on Bath street Originally uploaded by Brouwers

I spent a few days in Scotland – Glasgow and Perth – for work and stayed at the excellent Marks Hotel.

red hotel room Originally uploaded by erin power Apart from the . . . →

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A new job

I don’t like going into personal stuff a lot but I have a good reason I disappeared and it would be a shame not to share it. I’ve got a new job.

Still doing Policy & Comms work – which I wouldn’t like to change anytime soon – only now I’m in a new sector. . . . →

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Business contact lists don't belong to you

Any in-house communicator knows how difficult it is to join a company and to have to do all the ‘building up of your contacts list’ from scratch.

I don’t mean personal contacts or hard earned ones. I just mean your basic, day-to-day contacts – for example the leading industry publications and the name of their . . . →

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Hello world!

After years (more than I care to count) of blogging in Greek and blogging from academia, here is my grown-up blog.

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