We are all cyborgs – the concept that keeps on giving

Cyborg 2.0

Here is a nice TED video from Amber Case (on twitter too) talking about her passion with cyborg anthropology.

I guess it’s interesting for most audiences but I was hoping for a bit more. I’ll dig around for her work and articles, but in this video I heard . . . →

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The Machine and Me

I think this is an I – found – a – great – video day (courtesy of my Google Reader listings)

— via SixtySecondView

Burma bloggers leave the junta behind

It is the new way of doing [tag]politics[/tag].

I’ve said it time and time again and nobody seems to take me seriously but here is another strong proof that we have entered a completely new era of unprecedented grassroots action.

For all the idiocy that technology brings (like videos of children being bullied and hit . . . →

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UK politics viral video style

Did you know that No. 10 Downing Street (the Prime Minister’s official residence, sort of like the White House for the States) actually has a YouTube Channel?

Marvel at ‘one day with Tony Blair’ about what is a typical day like for the (now former) prime minister. I am extremely curious to see if Mr. . . . →

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Like suing Google!

Blogme.gr – a Greek information and RSS aggregation website – was shut down and its administrator, Antonis [tag]Tsipropoulos[/tag], was sued for a blog entry that appeared on the aggregation pages – originating from another blog.

Effectively this is like suing Google for the results it yields.

A public person (Antonis is not releasing potentially sensitive . . . →

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Save the Internet

One of the most talked about Videos on YouTube at the moment.

Stephen Hawking asks…

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Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist and Lucasian professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge. If that doesn’t ring a bell try remembering the guy who speaks via a computer, spends his life in a chair and has one of the most brilliant minds in history. If . . . →

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The poor defenceless journalists

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Imagine you have been a ‘serious’ newspaper journalist for many years now, and that you are accustomed to the prestige of writing for a quality daily. Let’s say the Guardian. And then suddenly, after only a short innocent opinion of yours appearing in Comment is free – Guardian’s sort-of . . . →

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Wikitorial: Upside Down

Wikipedia works, in my humble opinion, because it was conceived – designed – created and is run as a collective. Contributors really feel that they are part of something great. And because they ‘police’ themselves in a way they take pride in the fact that they can ensure that inconsistencies are challenged and obscenities deleted . . . →

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And on the 6th day he created the cyborg

I was trying to explain to my friend Manolis over the phone that a cyborg becomes part of humanity when it is self-conscious, when it can learn and when it can die.

- So basically the cyborg is human, he asked – That’s what I think – You can’t say that. If the human made . . . →

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