What music industry?

There were some elementary discussions about the music industry at the WIPO International Conference of IP & the Creative Industries but nothing as lively (or as interesting) as this Long Tail post.

If you’re into the subject don’t fail to also read his post on ‘Radiohead Economics’

Leeds Met meets Google

[tag]Google[/tag]’s Head of Corporate Communications for Google in the UK/Benelux/Ireland, DJ Collins spoke at Leeds Metropolitan University about the… [tag]new PR [/tag]which is actually the old [tag]PR[/tag]…. Hmmmm.

Philip Young blogs about it.

Citing blogs in essays

A post about how to [tag]cite[/tag] blogs in [tag]academic[/tag] papers, [tag]essays[/tag] etc. One of the most useful academia – related posts i’ve found in recent months

How to cite blogs in formal academic medical papers – at BoingBoing

A true internet love mystey

American screenwriter and director Josh Olson (see A History of Violence) wrote a gripping [tag]internet love[/tag] mystery with a twist: It’s true 100% even though it has to do with a pack of lies.

Entertaining and witty – marvellously cynical – Olson proves why his writing is amazingly simple yet perceptive once again.

LA Weekly . . . →

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Wired: Lamest Mascots Ever

Three guesses about which is no.1 ?


Giddens on multiculturalism

Misunderstanding [tag]multiculturalism[/tag].

Anthony [tag]Giddens[/tag] writes in his usual accessible style for the Guardian’s Comment is Free.


A fantastic post on Grumpy Old Bookman – a blog I just discovered thanks to another blog, Anatomy of Melancholy.

A point of view

Saddah’s Blog has a very interesting take on the Danish cartoons controversy and all the aftermath in Britain and Denmark.

Don't bomb them

Having worked in the media, studying media and observing the media with both an academic and an experienced eye (though not too experienced) I hate the self-projected image of the journalist/hero who tirelessly works for some sort of truth to be uncovered. It’s simply an illusion, a lie if you will.

On the other hand . . . →

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Things we should be thinking about

Click here for a very interesting and well-thought piece on Katrina, images of New Orleans and yes, racism. By Christine of Blogger Wench.

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